PolĂ­tica de Calidad
Company innovation policy is a whole realization of a new family of electronic equipment, adapted to latest technologies. All equipment is controlled by microprocessor, using customized control software. We put special emphasis on the modular design of the whole range of equipment, in order to reduce broadcasters investment in spare parts and maintenance.Moreover, our careful design optimizes amount of parts used and looks for parts repetition.
Seratel Technology is the Spanish company for FM transmitters and RF auxiliary products. In SERATEL, there are combined more than 40 years of experience in broadcasting, latest technology designs and current concepts of management applied in development and manufacturing companies. Simplicity, reliability and efficiency are the constants that dominate the design and manufacture of our products. SERATEL staff and the technical support we provide, together with the high reliability of the equipment, increase day after day the number of satisfied users.
Seratel Technology